What Is a Patriotism Essay?

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    A Personal Definition of Patriotism

    • Since patriotism is a point of view or feeling that must be defined by each individual, these essays explain what patriotism means to the writer. In this patriotic essay, the writer might discuss issues such as service to his country, voting in national elections, or a simple feeling of love or pride at being an American citizen. The writer conveys, in this essay, what he feels is the most important action to take to display one's patriotism. This patriotic essay presents a very personal point of view and could be intended to convince the reader to take up the action and feeling in relationship to U.S. citizenship being supported by the writer.

    An Essay about the American Flag

    • The story of Betsy Ross meeting George Washington and creating the first American flag is a popular patriotic essay topic. Essays that describe moments in which Americans have struggled with others' desire to burn the flag or particularly moving memories of seeing a flag flying over a government building at half-mast, or singing the national anthem to a flying flag at a sports event depict the writer's patriotic feelings about the flag. Patriotic essays about the American flag might also describe what the writer believes the flag symbolizes for the nation.

    An Historical Essay

    • Educating the reader about the struggles and amazing triumphs that have contributed to the nation's particular history is common patriotic essay topic. Writers on this topic might offer examples of the sacrifices of dangers of the Revolutionary patriots, whose actions against the British monarchy were considered treason and punishable by death. Examples of those who risked their lives to run the "underground railroad" of the pre-Civil War period can remind readers of the patriotic actions of these brave men and women. Stories of the contributions of individuals in history who exhibited exemplary love of country would also fit this sort of patriotic essay theme.

    An Essay to Honor Wartime Heroes

    • Today, many of the men and women serving in America's armed forces are engaged in military combat in the Middle East. Patriotic essays on this topic express gratitude and support for those who have in the past and continue today to put their lives on the line to protect America's people and interests. This type of patriotic essay often recognizes the heroes that fought in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Korea and who are currently fighting in the Middle East. Heroic military service famous heroes performed is often documented, as is the service by more humble heroes that are either part of the writer's family or a member of his community.

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