Environmental Realities and Future of China

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All Nations must be cognizant of their environment and fast growing nations like China are no exception.
Without clean air and water quality of life diminishes and human workers suffer greatly.
And before we get into this discussion lets not be too hasty to criticize as in the United States we had our growing pains too remember? We had out filthy factories, industrial pollution and exploited labor too.
This is when we had an industrial revolution and the labor unions formed.
Today we see issues in China and with modern media we hear about things in nearly real time.
Ocean dead zones, polluted and toxic rivers and even acid rain problems; all of which are directly related to industrial expansion; Eventually something has to give.
Indeed China has its work cut out for it, as it must build infrastructures at a rapid pace and it too must bring forth reasonable regulations to foster environmental concerns without slowing growth at this critical juncture.
China is taking unprecedented steps right now to clean the water and reduce its emissions and yet at the same time the orders for more goods, larger factories and energy production is at odds.
Additionally China's thirst for fuel, raw materials and such is also a key to its industrial capacity and economic survival and for a time the environment hangs by a thread stuck in the middle.
Consider all this in 2006.
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