Used Construction Equipment - Fast and Furious Auction Tips to Find the Best Deal for You

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Finding good deals on used construction equipment is sometimes hard to come by.
There is big market and used equipment can be bought and used or easily purchased and immediately flipped.
I've been in this industry for about five years and here are a few of my best construction equipment buying and selling tips.
What I've found is the best time to look for newly placed heavy equipment advertisements is on Monday mornings.
Studies show that most people place classified ads on Sunday evenings.
By jumping online Monday mornings this would give you the best chance to run across that hard to find piece of equipment and get bidding on it before anyone else does.
Another tactic for people to get the equipment they want...
is searching out the BIN (buy it now) price.
Now a lot of the major auction sites do not allow you to ask the seller for their reserve or buy it now price, but people do it.
Simple as that...
if you see used construction equipment for sale that you want don't hesitate to contact the seller and ask him what his bottom price is.
Sometimes people will say to just stay in the auction; sometimes sellers will say I'll take $XXXX.
00 for it today!! Those tips are critical in finding the right deals and getting to them before anyone else does.
Don't be afraid to contact the seller - whats the worse anyone could ever say...
"No"? The last tip is try not to start a bidding war.
If you are at a heavy construction equipment auction and notice a piece of equipment you'd like to buy and there are 7 days left on it..
(if no one else is bidding on it)..
don't bid on it yet.
Wait for more time to pass and possibly bid on it right before the purchase time is up.
Often times in construction equipment auctions people only bid on items other people are bidding on.
By bidding on it with days left it could give unwanted attention to an item you really want.
I hope these tips find you well and help you find the used construction equipment you've been searching to find.
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