How to Adjust Ceiling Fan Blades for the Winter

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    • 1). Test the direction in which the ceiling fan is currently blowing. Turn the fan on to a medium or high setting and stand directly under the fan. If you feel the air blowing down upon you, the fan is on the down draft setting used for cooling in the summer. If you do not feel a strong draft blowing directly downward, the fan is already set to rotate in the updraft winter position. Proceed to step 3 if your fan is already blowing upward.

    • 2). Locate the fan blade rotation direction switch. Place a stepladder under the ceiling fan, and climb to bring your eye level to the central hub where the ceiling fan blades are attached. Look for a slide switch that has two positions. The switch may be aligned to slide horizontally or vertically. Slide the switch to the opposite position to change the rotation from blowing downward to the updraft winter setting.

    • 3). Set the ceiling fan blades to rotate slowly to avoid a strong draft for winter use. Select the low setting on standard 3-speed ceiling fans, or turn a dimmer switch to a slow speed. Allow the slow upward rotation of the fan blades to force warm air from the ceiling down the walls on the sides of the room to aid in heating.

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