How to Repair DAC Featherlite Tent Poles

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    Shock Cord

    • 1). Pull two DAC Featherlite rods away from each other to locate the shock cord tear or fray. Cut the cord at the fray, making sure to grip the ends so they do not retract into a rod blank.

    • 2). Place a lighter's flame under the cut ends of the shock cord to melt the ends and prevent further frays. Cut a piece of spare shock cord to the length of the rod blank. Pull one end of the shock cord out of one of the connecting rod pieces --the non-repair rod-- and tie the repair cord to the end of the rod cord. Use a square knot and clean the knot --tighten it-- so it fits into the rod blank. Pull the opposite end rod cord and tie to the pole cord and clean the knot. In doing this, tie the replacement cord onto the existing rod cord to make a single strand.

    • 3). Push the DAC Featherlite rod pieces back together.

    Metal Part Replacement

    • 1). Pull the rod blank away from the main pole and inspect the edge of the openings to locate cracks or dents in the protector, strengthener, stopper or the rod blank itself. Grip the very end of the stopper -- the last metal sleeve on the pole end -- with the needle nose pliers and pull the three pieces out one at a time.

    • 2). Wipe each piece down. If no cracks or damage to the metal sleeves is present, dab graphite lubricant onto the edges of the sleeves and place them back into the rod blank, leaving the lubricant on the sleeves.

    • 3). Replace any cracked or bent pieces with the appropriate replacement part; use a replacement strengthener if the rod blank end has a small crack and then push the protector and stopper to complete to fix. Add a small amount of the graphite-based lube to each piece and push into the rod blank. If the entire rod blank needs replaced, untie the shock cord and pull the pole apart, removing the broken blank and pushing a replacement blank into its position. Reassemble the pole.

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