Young Adults and Addictions: 5 Ways a Parent Can Support Their Child

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Of course, stop using whatever chemical has been the drug of choice.
Get involved in a 12 recovery program as it is essential to keep the recovery process in action.
What involved means is more that just going to AA meetings butthat is a part of the process.
Usually 90 and 90 is suggested for a newly recovering alcoholic and that means going to 90 meetings in 90 days.
With that much intensity and saturation into a new way of thinking, it will be significant in creating new pathways in the brain for the change in behaviors.
Get a sponsor as soon as possible.
Pick a same sex sponsor and one who you determine has something that you want.
And start working the steps of AA with your sponsor.
Make sure if there is a dual-diagnosis involved, it is addresses with the appropriate professional.
Many times, depression, ADD , bipolar disorder and others are part of a person's recovery and if not treated, can lead to using drugs and alcohol to self medicate.
In the past, the recovery process was just focused on staying sober and everything else will take care of itself but today that is proven not to be true.
Get into therapy to work on the developmental and social problems that have occurred.
In my experience, the emotional age of an addicted person is immature and needs to be matured and therapy can assist in this process.
Therapy should also be directed to guide the individual to identify feelings and state what they are and what situations are eliciting the emotional state.
Develop a new set of friends who were not apart of the previous addictive life style.
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