How to Obtain an Insurance License

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    • 1). Try to contract with an insurance agency or brokerage prior to buying study materials or arranging your final exam. In many instances, an insurance company or brokerage will buy the course material for the student or reimburse him the money after successful completion of the exam.

    • 2). Purchase textbooks. Before the state will allow anyone to actively solicit, sell, or service an insurance policy, that individual must pass an approved industry examination that tests their comprehension of insurance industry practices and legislation. This information is complicated and is not something that can be learned without the use of educational materials.

    • 3). Prepare for the exam. Most texts have practice quizzes to test your comprehension and retention of the material covered in each chapter. By continually reviewing these quizzes, your chances of permanently retaining the preceding information are significantly increased. After the final section of the textbook is usually also a comprehensive exam similar to the state-mandated license test.

    • 4). Take the state test. After completion of the quizzes and practice tests in the course materials, the next step is to schedule your appointment to sit for the state's insurance producer exam. All tests of this type require a proctor and are often offered n in an independent third party exam company's facility. Proper identification is required before admission to the testing facility, and many locations will capture a digital photograph of the test-taker.

    • 5). Print a temporary license. If you pass the state exam, a temporary insurance producer license is issued. This temporary license should be used until the state mails out the official license documents, and it is typically valid for up to 90 days.

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