How to Clean a Cart Toy

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    • 1). Brush dust, sand and loose dirt off by wiping over with the soft cloth.

    • 2). Add a few drops of detergent to warm water for tougher grime. For enamel, plastic, metal or otherwise non-porous cart toys, go at the cart toy with the scrubbing brush and soapy water, no holding back.

    • 3). Scrub as much dirt as you can off of wooden cart toys without using water, to avoid water damage to the toy. Ideally, clean wooden cart toys on a sunny day, when you can give a final rinse off with water and then let it thoroughly dry in the sun.

    • 4). Mix a cup of white vinegar with a cup of water to clean non-porous cart toys if hygiene, rather than dirt, is the primary reason for cleaning the toy.

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