Why Video Game Disc Repair Is a Must For Your Business

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If you are an onlineretailer selling used video games on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and/or your own website, then disc repair can really help you get ahead of the game.

If you haven't come across the concept of disc repair before (most people haven't!) then it basically works by removing a very thin later of the plastic layer found on the underside of your disc. Removing this small amount of plastic also removes the majority, if not all of scratches from the disc.

Disc repair is completely safe for your disc as the actual data is stored right under the printed side of the disc, rather than on the plastic side as many people assume. When the scratches are removed, the laser can easily reach the data and full playback is restored to a disc which may have jumped, skipped or crashed previously.

So, how can disc repair help your video games business? In several ways!

First and foremost, repairing your discs can help you compete more effectively on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. These websites are flooded with goods from private and business sellers alike, and for most users price is the main consideration for purchase.

Prices on these websites, therefore, can quickly become a 'race to the bottom' as sellers continually undercut each other to offer the most competitive price to customers and gain maximum visibility.

Having your discs professionally cleaned, on the other hand, offers a cost effective way to repair your discs to a near mint finish and stand out from your competitors online. Rather than continually lowering your price, you'll be able to compete in another area - condition.

In doing so you'll be able to charge a higher price for your goods to reflect their improved condition. If you are not convinced of this point, then take a look at some of the used listings on Amazon - you'll see a major difference between items listed in Good/Very Good and Like New condition!

This is even more pronounced at Christmas where buyers will really pay a premium for items in a gift worthy condition - no-one wants to receive a scratched disc for christmas, no matter how rare or desirable the title!

You can also expect an improvement in feedback from customers when you start repairing your discs. One thing I have always found is even if you were to describe every last mark and scratch on a disc, you will still receive the odd negative comment from a buyer who hasn't read your listing properly!

I also personally find that repairing your discs reduces the amount of 'faulty' discs that are returned to you by customers. We test all of our discs prior to listing but some customers machines wouldn't play them, whereas we very rarely get a disc sent back that doesn't run properly.

If you sell used video games online then it would be worth giving disc repair a try - you might be surprised at the results!.
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