Green Screen Accessories And Their Uses

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Green screen photography has revolutionized the photographic industry. This technology is often used in movies to give special effects to the videos. There are endless uses of the green screen photography accessories such as software, Chroma key backdrops, green screen suits, gloves, and other apparel. The best part of the technology is that it's not a rocket science and with some precision, can be used by any photographer. There are many practical uses of this technology.

Background replacement

The Chroma key accessories such as the backdrops are used for background replacement photography. The subject is initially photographed in front of the Chroma key backdrops and later, with the help of green screen software, the green or blue background is replaced with any desirable background. The same process is also applicable for videos as well. You don't even need to move out of your studio for shooting your subject in front of the Seven Wonders of the World. You simply have to get the backgrounds that you will be using for replacing the green screen.

Removing elements

The green screen photography accessories such as the hood and gloves are used for replacing certain parts of your foreground or background. Simply cover the part you want to remove in your video or picture and later, key the green colored portion out. If you want to make your subject go headless, make him wear the hood and use green screen software to remove it. The end result will give you a video having a headless man. Similarly make your subject wear the gloves if you want to make him become armless in your videos.

The entertainment industry is the biggest user of this technology, as they use green screen technology to create stunning videos for satisfying the demanding audience. Thriller and suspense movies strive due to this latest photographic technique. Even the news broadcasters use these Chroma key accessories for weather forecasting and other tricks that they use in their everyday display.

Green screen photography and its equipment have unlimited uses. Only your imagination limits you from what you can do with them.
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