5 Things to Do When You Are Pregnant

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Once doctors tell you that you are pregnant, you should not freak out less. If you are sure you are going to have the baby, it's important to be prepared now.

You may be wondering what to do next and a pregnancy to-do list can have some fun activities with a few important activities to make this time fun and memorable. Following are the 5 things which you can add to your list:
1. Take care of your body: Now, you cannot exercise the way you could do when you were not pregnant and you would need to take care of your health more. Meet your healthcare specialist and start your vitamin course, eat a healthy diet, exercise in a pregnancy friendly way and sleep properly. Lowering down the stress level is very important during this time. You can perform meditation and have plenty of sleep.
2. Pay attention to certain activities: You do not need to avoid fun activities, but there are certain activities to avoid. These activities can adversely affect the health of your baby and you should avoid these things. Stay away from alcohol and smoking and even passive smoking. Do not have too much caffeine, no uncooked fish or meat, no unpasteurized milk, etc.
3. Medicines: If you are on certain medications then talk to your health specialist about those medicines and if you are not well, do not have any medicine. Always consult your doctor before doing so.
4. Engage in some fun activities: Do knitting, meet friends and enjoy doing some craft. A friend who is pregnant as well can be your peer and you can shop for pregnancy books or some pregnancy tapes which you can listen while you go for a walk in the morning or evening.
5. Pregnancy super foods: Nosh on colorful fruits and vegetables like yogurt, walnut, beans, and eggs. If you have morning sicknesses then pack some healthy snacks.

There are other things to remember as well including the fact that being a mother brings with it many additional responsibilities. You need to understand that while many women undergo abortion, it's a wonderful feeling to be a mother. However, should you decide to undergo abortion remember that you need to take the decision at the earliest, the moment that you know that you are pregnant. Decisions to undergo abortion cannot be taken after the first trimester so it is important to be sure as to how you want to move forward.
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