How to Feed Newborn Porcupines

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    • 1). Use an eyedropper or small bottle to feed the porcupette formula or animal milk. Newborn porcupines nurse for the first three months.

    • 2). Mix baby food or cooked vegetables in the milk or formula after the porcupette is 1 week old. Place the mixture in a shallow bowl or plate. Feed the porcupette this type of food for the first three months.

    • 3). Supplement the cooked food throughout the spring and summer with small twigs and ground plants, such as clover or dandelions.

    • 4). Restock the food dishes often, and do not leave milk sitting out for more than 1 hour.

    • 5). Supply a bowl of clean water and change the water at least once a day or more often, if contaminated.

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