How to Get to Ironforge With a Worgen

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    • 1). Play through the line of quests that start when you make your character. The quests will start in the city of Gilneas, and then continue in the countryside surrounding the city. You are actually in an instance, so there is no way to walk out of this zone and into the rest of the world. Eventually, the quests will take you to Keel Harbor, where you will be asked to speak with Admiral Nightwind. Speak to him to complete this quest, and you will be taken to Rut'theran Village, just outside of Darnassus.

    • 2). Walk into the center of the village, then take a right and head for the dock at the southern tip of the island where the village sits.

    • 3). Wait at the end of the dock for the boat to arrive. Walk on the boat and wait for about 30 seconds before it takes off. A loading screen will appear, and then the boat will pull into Stormwind Harbor.

    • 4). Walk up the steps in the southeast corner of the harbor to enter the city of Stormwind. Walk into the Trade District and then head to the eastern side of the district. Take the ramp up to the ramparts next to the city's main gate.

    • 5). Right-click Dungar Longdrink, the gryphon master for Stormwind. Select "Ironforge, Dun Morogh" from the list of flight destinations on the map. You will automatically be placed on a gryphon and will arrive in Ironforge within a few minutes.

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