3 Critical Elements of Network Marketing Success

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Network Marketing Success...
What contributes to it? What does it take? What are the most important factors? Can anyone do it? Or does it take a special kind of person? That's exactly what I'd like to cover in this brief post today...
Now, before we get started, I'd like to state that these are not my personal ideas, so I can't take credit for them.
Let me explain...
Every weekday the guys at MLSP host a morning "wake-up" call.
Rather than always trying to listen to them as they are happening, I just get the RSS feed so that I can listen to them whenever it's convenient.
Well, I heard a call the other day that was hosted by a guy named Marc Barrett.
He is a 7-figure earner in the network marketing industry.
It was a fantastic call with lots of great information, but what Marc did was get straight to-the-point with one simple question...
What are the 3 Critical Elements of Network Marketing Success? Critical Element #1: Lead Flow The first critical element a person must have in order to become successful in network marketing is a constant flow of leads.
In order to have any kind of sustainable cash flow, you have to have a large number of people looking at your opportunity.
You can't just go through your warm market and then quit when only two people sign up...
Which brings us to Critical Element #2...
Critical Element #2: The Pipeline Effect You must consistently find ways to put more leads in front of your business opportunity.
If you had to bring water to a village from a nearby river, you might at first get a group of people with buckets to go fetch some water and bring it back.
If you were smart, however, you would instead take the time to construct a pipeline system that would carry water from the river to the village.
Nobody would ever have to run to the river with a bucket again.
You'd have a constant flow of fresh water coming into your village! You can use this same concept on the internet to generate fresh, targeted leads for your network marketing business.
Through the use of automated marketing systems and effective marketing strategies, you can have a constant flow of prospects moving through your "pipeline" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you use this "pipeline" effect along with a funded proposal, you will begin to generate massive cash flow and never have to pay for another lead in your life...
Critical Element #3: Mindset and Posture This element was a turning point in Marc's network marketing business.
When he shifted his mindset to the point where he didn't get emotionally attached to whether or not someone joined his business, he started recruiting more people into his business.
You can compare this to someone who is interviewing for a job...
When a person is being interviewed it is usually from a position of less value than the person who is conducting the interview.
In other words, the guy who is asking the questions is in charge.
He decides based on the information the applicant provides whether or not the applicant is worthy of being hired.
If you can shift your mindset from that of the applicant to that of the interviewer you will immediately begin to feel more empowered when talking to prospects, become less attached to the outcome, and be instantly more in control.
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