How I Managed to Make My Computer Faster for Free

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There are lots of options to try if your computer has suddenly become very slow in its performance.
Read on to learn how I managed to make my computer faster for free.
There is a thing in the computer called the registry used for storing all the vital information and settings of the computer, its hardware, software etc.
As the computer is used, errors occur in this registry.
If not removed or repaired, they tend to slow down the computer and in some cases even cause the system to crash.
I figured that in order to make my computer faster for free, I needed to clean up the registry often enough.
Out of the many functions which a registry cleaner performs, removing the unnecessary files and invalid references on the registry is one of them.
It is crucial to scan them and remove them in order to enhance the computer's performance and speed.
Now I routinely run the registry cleaner to make my computer faster for free and not face the issue of my computer becoming slow.
One of the files which the registry cleaner removes or repairs is the uninstall entries.
If you don't know what are these uninstall entries, then let me give you an idea about them.
Whenever you make some changes to a program or an application or a web browser, the operating system of your computer records these new settings in the registry files for later use.
The old files referred to as the uninstall entries need to be removed from the computer but sometimes the user tend to forget about their removal and they start accumulating causing the computer to slow down or even crash.
The uninstall entries usually remain stored with the same names as the updated versions of those programs; so whenever the new version is run, the computer cannot determine which file to pick thus casing the system to stall.
However if you periodically run a registry cleaner on your computer this problem will be solved easily.
It is a good practice that before running the registry cleaner you check the following things too as I did in my case to make my computer faster for free.
First I checked that I was not running too many applications simultaneously on my computer.
Then I made sure that I had not given too many instructions all at once to the PC, because these actions tend to slow down the computer.
If this is the case with you then try closing down a few of the windows or programs.
My computer still did not show any signs of improvement in its performance, so I ran a security check for any possible viruses or malware.
This is essential even if your computer is on an encrypted network.
Check the network monitor for detecting any intrusion signs.
After having done all that, then I opted for running the registry cleaner on my computer.
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