The Internet: Helping you Avoid the Loneliness of Travel

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Most people would acknowledge that travelling is one of life's most precious joys. While home is certainly where the heart is, being able to visit new places and see new sights is a crucial part of broadening your life experience and opening your eyes to unknown cultures. Thankfully, the last half of the twentieth century has seen technology advance to the stage where nearly everyone can travel with ease and in comfort.

Whether you're simply taking a weekend away at a country cottage in New England, or planning to go on a long-haul trip to Thailand, your vacation is sure to excite you with wonders untold and joys anew. However, while taking a vacation can unlock some of the wonders of the world, travelling can also be a lonely experience - and not just if you're travelling alone.

For instance, while many people long to get away from their everyday routine, you might be one of those people who find routines comforting. And if you have a fear of flying, travelling to your destination might turn out to be a heavily stressful experience rather than a peaceful break. What's more, large hotel rooms can often seem impersonal and invite feelings of restlessness or homesickness in you.

However, if you're looking for a way to prevent vacation anxiety, you might find your saviour in an unlikely place - the internet. The advent of many travel sites and social networking sites on the web in recent years has meant that more and more people can share their holiday experiences with each other. But travel blogs and holiday sites can do more than just offer you reviews of hotel resorts or ratings of local restaurants - they can offer you real, valuable advice on how best to overcome your fears and apprehensions when you're on a holiday.

The solution to this can be simpler than you might think: many travellers rely on taking simple home comforts with them - for example, your favourite pair of slippers or your most comfortable pyjamas - no matter how badly they're falling apart. It's also a good idea to take some of your favourite hobbies or pastimes with you on holiday to beat any feelings of loneliness that might creep up on you; if you play an instrument, for instance, take it with you. String and woodwind instruments, like guitars, violins or flutes, are fairly convenient to transport - and unless you're embarking on a backpacking tour of Europe and need to travel light - there's no excuse not to take them along with you.

If you're the sort of person who abhors soulless hotel rooms, then why not take some items from your home with you to help brighten up your room: simple things like family photographs or your bedside alarm clock can help make the atmosphere around you more familiar and welcoming, and can do wonders in curing any feeling of homesickness that might arise.

Since we now live in the internet age, many hotels let you share travel advice and tips online. Homewood Hotels, for example, provides a bulletin board, where past guests can share their experiences of their stay – from restaurants to places to visit or avoid – and pass on advice and tips to potential guests, helping them get the most out of their holiday. So, regardless of whether you're spending Easter weekend in Houston or Hawaii, you'll find the internet is your friend when it comes to beating travel anxiety.

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