Master Cleanse Weight Loss - Fact Or Fiction

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The master cleanse weight loss program is a detoxification diet invented in 1941.
The basis of the diet is very similar to other detox diets with some variation.
As in other diets, the master cleanse is designed to rid the body of toxins that inhibit body functions and cause weight gain.
At the center of the master cleanse is a drink that is made from water, fresh lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne.
The idea behind the cleanse is to eat or drink nothing else for a period of time to lose weight.
Just a thought, but isn't this simply fasting? If you stop eating, you're going to lose weight.
It seems that proponents of the master cleanse weight loss plan claim that the drink contains essential nutrients.
This may be true but you would still be missing essential vitamins and minerals that are important not only to the detoxification process but also in keeping your body functioning normally while you drop the weight.
It sounds like a dangerous way to lose weight particularly if you stay on the cleanse for an extended period of time.
True detoxification requires that you supply your body organs with specific nutrients to allow them to filter out toxins efficiently.
The master cleanse does not contain these vital components.
There is no scientific evidence behind the theory of master cleanse weight loss other than those who have tried it have lost weight.
Sure, but at what cost? By depriving the body of food you are opening yourself up to the risk of many illnesses.
Food is the fuel that allows our system to fight off infection, generate new cells to replace old and/or damaged ones, and maintain bodily functions.
Without it, we deprive our bodies of this fuel and could damage our immune system and cause organs to react negatively when toxins are introduced or even when food is re-introduced upon completion of the cleanse.
A detoxification diet is a delicate balance between ridding the body of unwanted toxins while supplying it with necessary nutrients to boost the detoxification process as well as providing the necessary building blocks to keep the body healthy.
In doing this, you create a better way of living and retrain yourself to eat healthier and live healthier.
The master cleanse weight loss idea, though it has been around for decades, is a fad diet that could potentially be dangerous and should be avoided.
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