Attract Targeted Traffic With Testimonials

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The internet provides countless opportunities to find and attract highly targeted visitors to your website. Article marketing is a great example. The people who look for and read your article are precisely those people who will want to visit your website. Posting on forums is another great example. The people reading your contributions are exactly those youre trying to attract.

The underlying tactic behind all these strategies is to demonstrate your expertise, directly in front of your target market. Once you find out where your ideal customers are spending their online time, figure out a way to put a small demonstration of your expertise right in the middle of the crowd. Then, when they see the value you bring, the odds of them clicking through to your website go up dramatically.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer unsolicited testimonials for products that have helped you along the way. The people who need your expertise are those who are looking for those same products. Youre just a few steps in front of them, thats all. So you can leave bits and pieces of your accumulated expertise along the path, knowing everyone behind you is looking for the knowledge you already possess.

Amazon has become a massive online retailer and their breadth of products has grown dramatically since their early days. But the majority of their sales still come from books and that represents a tremendous opportunity. You can open an account with Amazon and leave testimonials for books youve read. You can describe your assessment of the book and how you used the knowledge in your business.

Now think about this. Whos going to be reading your testimonial? Well, the people who are considering buying that book are the only ones who will come across your comments. And those people are the exact people youre hoping to attract to your website. Because you already know theyre considering a particular book, they become an ideal prospect to pull into your own space.

There are also countless other products youve used to acquire the knowledge you now have. Information products are probably the most obvious example but other more traditional products qualify as well. You can write a complimentary testimonial for the product and request a backlink in exchange. Most providers will be happy to oblige, leaving you with a perfectly positioned link for your ideal customers to use.

The reverse strategy works well also. You can take one of your own products and send it to people who have popular websites and request they review your product and provide a testimonial. Not only do you get an authoritative testimonial you can use in your own marketing but you will often get a review or an affiliate link on their high-traffic website. Both can help push targeted traffic your way.

Unsolicited testimonials are a great way to get your expertise listed beside the exact products your target market is looking for. If you focus on this over a period of time, you can end up with testimonials sprinkled all across the internet, like a big fish net in the water. On their own, each individual testimonial might deliver scant results but in aggregate, they can provide an ongoing funnel catching people in the middle of their activities and redirecting them to your website.
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