Homemade Braided Rope

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    • Lay out three cords, ropes, or whatever material you are using. They should all be the same length and thickness. Lay them on a flat surface and wrap one end with duct tape or tie with cord. If you work on the flat ground, you'll need to get a helper if the rope is more than 5 feet long. A simpler way is to find a bridge, balcony or high place from which you can dangle the three strands of rope so that the weight of the strands keeps the strands separated and taut.


    • The braiding is accomplished by simply first taking the right strand and laying it over the center strand between the left and center strands. Next take the left strand over the center strand and lay it between the right and center strands. Alternate left over center, right over center, back and forth till the braid reaches the end. If the strands are dangling off of something, they are easier to keep tight and separated so they don't tangle. If working on a flat surface, you'll need a helper working the loose ends to keep them moving back and forth and untangled as you braid the rope.


    • When you reach the end of the rope, wrap with duct tape. For a more long-term solution, wrap the end of the rope with thin cord or heavy twine. Lay a loop of twine along the end of the rope with the loop toward the end. Start wrapping the cord from the shaft side toward the end. Slip the end of the cord through the wrapped loop and pull the loose end of the loop that's toward the shaft end and under the wrappings. This pulls the loop closed and pins the wrapping around the end of the braided rope. Remove the duct tape from the other end and wrap to complete the braided rope.

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