4 Things Britons Miss Most When They Move to Australia

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Living in a new country is never easy and learning to adapt to a new culture can be difficult, especially if you are constantly comparing it to the culture you left behind.
With thousands of British immigrating to Australia every year, it offers new residents a lifestyle often not achievable in the UK.
While most find the sun, sea and outdoor life of Australia delightful, many miss certain aspects of home.
British Food: Whether it's Hula Hoops, Tetley Tea bags, Jaffa cakes or Iron Bru, Brits living in Australia find they miss the UK products they have been brought up with.
While there are 'British shops' in Australia and products can be shipped over from the UK, it's not quite the same as being able to pop to your local corner shop and fill up on Yorkie bars and Walkers crisps.
The Shops: While Australia does have a great choice of shops, for some Brits it just doesn't compare with the likes of M&S, Sainsburys, Tescos and Greggs.
Many miss the familiarity of stores that they have grown-up.
Friends and Family: Arguable the number one thing people miss most is their friends and family back in the UK.
As there is more than 9,000 miles between the UK and Australia, many new immigrants find that it unaffordable to return to the UK too often.
As it can be years between visits, some find missing birthdays, births and celebrations difficult to handle.
The Architecture: Compared to the UK, Australia's buildings are modern and many Brits miss the old architecture that makes up Great Britain.
Australia's oldest buildings date back to the late 1700's compared to British buildings, which can date back thousands of years.
The four things above are just some the things people miss, with many missing the UK weather, TV, traditional pubs and much more.
Some find they don't miss much about their old lifestyle and love Living in Australia.
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