Funny Adult Party Games

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    Tame Games

    • The Song Says It All: Ask your guests to write down a line or two from six of their favorite songs. When everyone has finished, give them the following key to write beside each song, from first to last:

      1. This is how you felt after your first kiss
      2. This is your best memory of your first night with your spouse
      3. This describes your honeymoon
      4. This is you after a year of marriage
      5. This is what you think about now when you're with your spouse
      6. This is what life will be like after you've been married for 50 years

      Statues: This is played while everyone is dancing. When you stop the music, everyone has to stand still, exactly as they were when the music stopped. Anyone who moves pays a penalty (the host can decide what that will be).

    Not as Tame Games

    • Dressing the Ladies: Give each man a large spool of ribbon and tell him that he is to cover his partner completely with the ribbon, using only his teeth. You can fasten the end of the ribbon to the lady's clothing with a safety pin, or make the job more difficult by leaving the end loose.

      Love Is Blind: One person is blindfolded and given oven mitts for his hands. His job is to identify each guest by touch. He's permitted to touch anywhere, as long as he uses the oven mitts. The guests should try not to giggle or say anything that will identify them.

      Walking Along the Riverbanks: Lay a long piece of paper in the middle of the floor. Ask each female guest to walk along "the riverbanks" with one foot on the left bank and one foot on the right bank, not touching the paper. After all the females have taken the walk, put them in a separate room and bring them back one by one, blindfolded, and have each one repeat the walk, Take off the blindfold to reveal a male guest lying face-up on the paper "river." As each female stays to watch the next one, she'll learn that the male actually lies face-down while the female is walking along the river.

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