How to Eat Before Exercise in the Morning - The Top Five Choices

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What can we eat first thing in the morning when we have a challenging training session on our hands? Eating breakfast before a workout is not as simple as eating a healthy breakfast.
For instance, I would often recommend eggs as a good source, as they are high in good fats and protein, but would not be suitable as a pre-workout meal as they take longer to digest and offer little in the way of carbohydrates.
Before we look at some options, lets quickly look at a common choice.
The Fasted breakfast.
Much controversy surrounds the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach so I'm going to give you both sides of the story.
For - According to some theories, exercising in a fasted state, when the body has been depleted of glycogen overnight, encourages the body to use fat as an alternative fuel source, and who doesn't want this.
There are also suggestions that it may help control insulin sensitivity.
Against -It will usually affect your performance levels, which will have a knock on effect to your results.
There is also strong evidence suggesting that rather than using your fat for energy when starved, your body starts eating into the muscles.
My opinion -I have seen a number of individuals who've had success by adopting a no breakfast system without any evidence of side effects, at least in the short term.
The clients who demonstrate any form of success using this strategy tend to have an endomorphic body type (easily gain weight), whilst Ecto-morphs (naturally slim) will tend to struggle on the same protocol.
There has been much talk recently on the benefits of intermittent fasting which I have been showing a good deal of interest in and will cover in depth at a later date.
Often clients wake up and complain of having no appetite, whilst others wake up starving.
The most important lesson you can learn in nutrition is tune in to the messages your body sends you.
It seldom gives you the wrong information.
So, without further ado, lets look at what may be a good eating strategy first thing in the morning.
A Banana
The sugar in fruit, otherwise known as fructose is a highly digestible form of carbohydrate.
The bonus with a banana is the potassium, which is known to drop during a workout.
This is especially good if you only have a very short time between waking and exercising.
Most fruits offer a good choice.
Natural Yogurt
Yogurt is a great source of energy for exercise, as it contains some a good mixture of protein and carbohydrates.
Yogurt also contains magnesium, which helps to metabolize these macronutrients.
This is great to mix with a banana and some nuts for a more complete but fast digesting breakfast option.
Oats or Quinoa and millet porridge
Whole grains contain plenty of fiber which means the carbohydrates you consume will release into the bloodstream more slowly, giving you an even energy through your workout.
If you want a higher protein alternative, go for a quinoa and millet option.
People digest foods at different rates, but it is usually advisable to have some time before exercising on this particular breakfast.
Slice of wholegrain toast with cottage cheese and a piece of fruit.
(usually an apple)
This is a personal favorite of mine, as it offers a good combination of carbohydrates, a small amount of fat and some slow releasing protein.
This breakfast works well when exercising at a high intensity.
It may not be everybody's cup of tea but it gives the energy required to get through a tough routine.
You would need at least an hour after eating this meal before beginning your workout.
A berry and orange juice
1 cup of frozen blueberries 1 cup of frozen raspberries 2 Peeled Oranges, cut into chunks 1/2 cup of whole natural yogurt 1 tablespoon of honey Blend until smooth and drink immediately.
This is another great way of getting some carbohydrates into your system before a morning workout, although it wouldn't be recommended if your training session was too high intensity.
It is important that all the foods you consume are whole, natural and from organic sources.
The wholegrain toast is the exception to the rule, but as long as you choose whole foods 90% of the time your body can tolerate 10% variations.
Try these breakfasts before exercising in the morning, then monitor which offers the best all round energy.
Often it is a case of trial and error to see which breakfast strategy works for you.
Please comment, ask any questions and share the suggestions you may have for an effective pre workout breakfast.
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