Oven Gas Line Installation

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    • 1). Move the oven away from the wall and locate the oven's gas supply valve. Gas supply valves have stubby, metal bodies and thick, plastic handles; look for a red or yellow handle to locate the valve. Alternatively, identify the gas valve by its conical tip, called a flare fitting.

    • 2). Ensure that the valve is in the off position. In the off position, a valve handle typically sits perpendicular relative to the valve's body. If you're unsure if your valve is off, or if you smell gas, immediately call your utility provider or a professional technician for assistance.

    • 3). Press the internal threads of one of the flexible gas line's flare nuts against the male threads of the valve's flare fitting. Twist the nut clockwise to engage the threads and tighten the nut until hand tight.

    • 4). Press the nut at the loose end of the flexible gas line against the oven's gas inlet fitting and twist the nut clockwise to engage the threads. Tighten the nut until hand tight. Fully tighten both nuts with a wrench. Tightening the nuts requires only a slight twist of the wrench; excessive force can damage the threads of the nuts or fittings and lead to leaks.

    • 5). Position the gas line near the rear opening of the oven; placing the gas line near the opening allow the line to nest beneath the oven and prevents the line from becoming pinched between the oven's back cover and the wall. Turn the gas valve to the on position and move the oven nearly flush with the wall.

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