Insect Glue Traps - What"s a Glue Board Trap and How Do They Work Against Flies?

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Dealing with insects in the home can be an extremely irritating task.
Whether you're dealing with flies, bees, beetles, wasps, or any of the other annoying little creatures, choosing how to get rid of them can be a bit overwhelming.
There are poisonous chemicals you can use (sprays, powders, etc.
), different types of insect glue traps, and a host of other options.
Flies are probably one of the most annoying insects to get rid of since they love landing on everything.
Keeping them away from food is always a chore, so finding the right insect glue traps will be essential.
One of them happens to be something called the glue board trap.
What is a Glue Board Trap? These are setup to eliminate the use of poisons as well as get rid of the mess someone could leave trying to swat a fly.
Insect glue traps like the glue board have been around for years, and are setup as trays coated with a sticky adhesive.
Even though trays are extremely popular, there are other options as well.
For instance, if you want to alleviate your fly frustration in the garage then hanging traps would be used.
How to do they work? Once the fly runs into or lands on the trap it's stopped in its tracks.
The more it tries to move around and get away, the more immobilized it becomes.
This is due to the various ingredients found in each of these insect glue traps.
Whether it's mineral oils, resins, or synthetic rubber, the mixture is the perfect solution.
You will also find that these are usually treated with food flavoring.
Just think of it as the part which attracts the flies.
How Long before they Die? If by chance you forget to check your insect glue traps each day, it could take anywhere from 3 to 5 days for the fly to die.
Several different issues can occur once the fly is trapped.
Most of the time they die from exhaustion from struggling so mightily to break free.
Eventually they lay their heads down and suffocate once it is embedded in the glue.
Oddly enough, you might find the insect biting off the limbs that are stuck in order to break free.
Then again, you probably won't be watching this happen at all.
Are Insect Glue Traps Safe? This is an ongoing question considering the issues with other trapping options.
In regards to the tray itself, this is probably the safest option out there.
However, you do have to consider the health concerns when feces and urine is left on the tray.
If not discarded probably, it's possible you could become sick.
In the end, glue boards can be the best insect glue traps available.
All you have to do is utilize them the right way.
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