How to Convert WMV to SVCD

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    • 1). Launch any of the free online conversion sites found online in your web browser. Free online conversion systems that can convert WMV files into MPG include Media-Convert, Zamzar and YouConvertIt (see Resources.)

    • 2). Upload the WMV file into the system. To upload the file, click "Choose File" in Media-Convert or Zamzar, or "Select It" in YouConvert. When the "Open" window pops up, go to the folder that contains the WMV and double-click the file.

    • 3). Select the MPG video file type as the output format. In Media-Convert, click the arrow by "Output format" and choose "MPEG 1 (.mpg)." Click the arrow next to the "Convert to" box and choose "MPG" from the video format list in Zamzar or "MPEG" from the list in YouConvertIt.

    • 4). Type your email address into the email box on the website. Zamzar and YouConvert include the email address box in the main part of the converter window. On Media-Convert, you can find the box under "Advanced Settings."

    • 5). Click the "OK" button on Media-Convert, the "Convert" button on Zamzar or the "Convert It" button on YouConvertIt to begin the conversion from WMV to MPG. Once the conversion begins, you can close the window. The converted MPG file is sent to your email when finished.

    • 6). Open the email message that comes from the online conversion system. Click on the link that is included in the body of the email. Select "Save As" from the download menu to download the MPG file.

    • 7). Launch a standard DVD-burning application on your computer. Many DVD-burning applications have the capability to burn SVCDs.

    • 8). Insert a CD into the computer's CD drive. Select the "SVCD" option on the main screen of the DVD-burning application.

    • 9). Press the "Upload Video" or "Add File" button on the first page of the SVCD-burning wizard and then follow the screens through the burning application to make any changes to the SVCDs menus. Click the "Burn" button on the last screen to burn the MPG to CD.

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