Counseling Activities for Substance Abuse

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    • Icebreakers help group members to relax and can create a group atmosphere that is positive. Icebreakers also break down racial and social barriers that may exist in the minds of group members. Two Truths and a Lie is a great icebreaker game. Group members get into pairs and disclose three facts about themselves to their partners. Two facts are true and one is false. Once each member is interviewed, the entire group sits in a circle. Each member introduces their partner, discloses their facts and has to guess which fact is false.

    Confession Circles

    • Confession circles allow group members to be transparent. Group members can share the fears, disappointments, mental challenges, physical challenges and struggles that they encounter throughout their journey towards change. Confession circles also give group members the opportunity to celebrate their victories, which is great for motivating those facing challenges. Group confessions allow members to gain support and encouragement from each other during moments of triumph and setback.


    • Role-playing allows group members to practice what they will say when confronted by doubting family members, former associates and others who do not expect them to change. Group members can role-play drug and alcohol refusal skills, which are essential for those who must live in the same environment. Members can also practice what they will say to family members and close friends that they hurt or disappointed using role-play activities.

    Music Sharing

    • Music activities are a great way for group members to share their thoughts and feelings through music. Members can choose a song that expresses something personal about themselves, their upbringing, their family, children or friends. The song can also relate to substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse or it can be about love, support and overcoming obstacles. Members can either play the song for the group or recite the song as a poem. After sharing the song, group members can explain how the song relates to their lives.

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