Teach Yourself Acoustic Guitar Through Theory and Practice

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Expertise in playing the acoustic guitar is coveted by one and all.
It is a popular musical instrument and is associated with almost all kinds of music.
Be it film music or live performances, guitar rules the roost in almost the genres.
Not only so, playing the guitar also seems to be the in thing and surely adds up to your personality quotient.
Everybody wants to succeed in a solo with the acoustic guitar.
A brave step towards this would be to teach yourself acoustic guitar, but you would require a great deal of patience and hard work.
Earlier a music teacher would be an absolute necessity in order to master the art of the guitar.
This would allow a prospective learner to learn the intricacies of the form and would also be time consuming.
However, if you are aiming at fast results you need to make certain modifications.
Try to grasp the chord and scales as thoroughly as you can.
Attempt to understand the correlation between the chord and the scales.
Keep it simple.
Start with a chord that has only couple of notes, then this can be safely played on the pentatonic scale.
The pentatonic scale has five notes and the number of notes it has common to the chord, the better the melody.
Once you master this combination, attempt a rock number on your guitar.
With a rock number you do not need to change the scale, you can keep the same scale throughout the song.
This will be far simpler than a jazz number which requires shifting.
Accomplishment with an easy number will motivate you and keep you persistent till you succeed.
Since you are your own teacher, you need to be a self motivator and mentor too.
It can be a daunting task.
You must realize though, that playing the guitar with a band where others are present to cover you up and playing a solo piece in front of a crowd can be extremely different from each other.
You may get a little disillusioned regarding which scale to use the major, minor or pentatonic.
Well, it would be simple to stick to the minor scale.
Understand the difference between the two to avoid confusion.
They are called the relative scales and are separated by only four frets.
Trying to teach yourself acoustic guitar might be a brave attempt, but success is guaranteed once you supplement it with a lot of practice.
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