Equipment For A Carping Beginner

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There are as many different opinions about what you need to get started as there is carp fishing equipment. Here are some of the essential items:

Fish care products These are becoming increasingly important, so much so, in fact, that on some fisheries it is already compulsory to use them. It's important to ensure that the fish are returned to the water in the best condition possible, so buy the thickest un-hooking mat and the softest weigh sling you can afford. Another product you will need is Kryston Klin-ik, Nash Medi Carp or Bonjela. This will help keep infection away and also help any other damage, such as missing scales, heal quicker.

Luggage It goes without saying that you need something to carry all your equipment around in. When buying luggage try to keep weight issues in mind, as you have to carry it. There are many different types of hold-all, rod bags and rucksacks so you should take your time looking around for the right one.

Chairs and bed chairs Carp fishing can involve long waiting times and so it is vital to be comfortable. If you're comfortable, you will be more relaxed and patient.

Reels - The main thing to look for when choosing a reel is a bait runner facility. It may be called by another name such as free spool, but what it actually is is a system where you can flick a switch, usually at the back of the reel, which by-passes the clutch system on your reel. This ensures that should a carp run off with your rig and bait at a fast rate, it won't take your rod with it.

Bivvies and umbrellas - A Bivvy is basically a tent optimized for fishing. An umbrella is a must for anyone who intends to fish in anything other than the best weather. Even in summer, however, you'll need an umbrella to protect you from the sun.
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