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Travolta was exposed to Dianetics in 1975 and credits Scientology with improving and enriching many areas of his life, including his family and career. He remains dedicated to Scientology because in his experience, it clearly works.

Travolta achieved OT III in 1991, as per Source magazine. Rumors suggest he has achieved at least OT V.


In 2008, Travolta's son, Jett, died during a seizure likely associated with autism.

During his life, the Travoltas refused to publicly acknowledge the autism, although Travolta appears to have done so after Jett's death. The Travoltas' silence on autism is commonly attributed to the Church of Scientology's belief that mental illness is not real. In response, the Church has insisted that it has no specific stance on autism and that it is a medical issue, which should be dealt with by doctors rather than the Church.
Since then, rumors have run rampant about the possibility of Travolta leaving the Church, as well as the Church supposedly blackmailing him with knowledge of homosexual activities to remain. Travolta's official position remains that he has no intention of leaving.


Rolling Stone's August 18, 1983 issue had an interview with John Travolta. They asked him if, after all the negative publicity about Scientology, he still believed: "Yes. I think it's pretty brilliant. I try to separate the material and the organization, because I don't agree with the way the organization is being run.

I believe that the material is more worthy than the individuals who are handling it."
"As a Scientologist I have the technology to handle life's problems and I have used this to help others in life as well."

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