Feeling More Than a Little Apathetic This Valentine"s Day? Like to Turn That Around?

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With history challenging your very capacity to imagine a healthy, sustainable, love relationship, one that meets you on every level, it's easy to begin to lose heart.
Deep down inside you know your expectations are creating your reality.
You want to believe.
If only you could start with a clean slate.
What if everything we ever learned about relationship issues was just somebody's best guess and none of it was really all that true, but simply served a purpose, like giving meaning and explanation to a mystery which may never be solved.
Our minds crave meaning and understanding...
the mind wants to be satisfied.
It's time we satisfied our hearts.
It's time to lead with your heart instead of your head.
To begin doing so you will need to engage your mind, but not the part that's mired in the past.
You want to engage the part of your mind that gets blissed out on day dreaming.
The left hemisphere of the brain gets hung up on everything that ever happened before.
In order to maximize your potential to create a life your heart desires, you need to re-connect with the right hemisphere of your brain.
This area leads to the other than conscious aspect of ourselves which is billions of times more powerful than the area that got all the attention once we went to school.
Because most schools teach what to learn instead of how to learn, by the time we completed our higher education most of our creative capacity was lost-about 90% of it according to a Harvard study.
Without the capacity to imagine and receive insights we get stuck in the past.
We find ourselves focusing on problems rather than solutions..
and nothing ever really changes.
Until now.
The key to generating your ideal partner is to let go of what was and know that the past really doesn't exist anymore.
It is totally over.
Only to the degree that you focus upon it, will you see anything familiar again.
So, if you are to focus upon the past, focus on those qualities you most enjoyed in your previous relationships.
Just focus on those qualities.
Add a few others in as well.
Imagine different scenarios that bring you joy.
Know that joyful, sustainable relationships are based in a state of being that expands your freedom.
Rather than inhibiting your freedom, healthy, fulfilling relationships allow you to be even more of who you are because they are based in mutual desire, mutual strength and mutual respect.
Imagine this, (this state of being vs.
a particular person) as best as you can and you will find yourself enjoying all of your relationships more than ever.
It all begins with you, within you.
Remember, as long as you are still breathing, there's still a chance!
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