Tips For Starting the Day in a Healthy Way

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The day will be healthy not only because of our physical health.
It will be also healthy due to our mental health.
In both the above two ways we can keep the day healthy enough.
Let us see the basic tips for keeping the day or starting the day healthy in the below paragraphs.
While starting the day in the morning, to start it healthy, there are many ways.
1) First we should wake up in the early morning.
Waking up early in the morning keeps us very fresh and energetic.
We will have enough time to do all our jobs slowly and correctly.
So there will not be any confusions and mistakes and also avoids unwanted tensions.
2) Then as soon as we wake up the first thing to be done is brushing our teeth, this keeps the germs away and makes us active.
3) Drink as much water as possible in the morning, immediately after brushing.
Avoid a cup of tea or milk.
Tea or milk may make a bit active and it is not good for health.
Drinking water is very good for health and increase the amount gradually as much as possible.
In the beginning start with only one tumbler and then increase it.
This is because in the very first day if you try to drink more it may lead to vomiting.
Increase it gradually day by day.
4) After drinking water, just have a small walk for a few minutes within your house from the front to the back.
5) Now move to a ground and have the ground exercise for at least half an hour.
6) After reaching back home have some drink like milk or energy drink to make out some energy.
7) Take a clean neat bath.
8) Have a nice and clean dress.
9) Worship your god or your parents for a minute or two.
10) Take your breakfast.
While taking your breakfast, eat healthy food.
Dont add fat in your food.
Wheat made food is the best in the breakfast.
Take some fruits with the breakfast.
Dont add any oil items.
11) After taking your breakfast drink some milk or energy drink mixed with milk.
12)Then have a tumbler of water or two.
13) Don't eat much more that may make you to feel sleepy.
14) Wait for a minute or two in your chair and then move out for your job.
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