Cheap Airfare and the Aviation Sector

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The term airfare is associated with the fee that a passenger pays to the aviation sector as the transportation charge.
Nowadays man is much more inclined towards the cheap air fare for his travel needs.
It is rather true that the number of people traveling through the airplanes has consequently increased over ages.
The airplanes were primarily introduced in the war and the related purposes and then it was made available for the general public also.
Initially the cohorts who depended on the airplanes were the businessmen on a large extent but now the situation has changed and now even the family travels through airplanes.
It seems like the aviation sector as a whole is cheaper or there might be many slots thus available for the cheap airfare as such.
The operating cost thus covered by merely the fares comes around 30%-60% in North America and as far the railways are concerned it comes around 100% in Asia.
When the airlines thus offer the cheap airline charges, they always try to compensate the charges as they charge for food, allocated seats, and the luggage in particular.
It is natural that a consumer may get befuddled with the less cost airlines and the normal airlines offering the cheap airfare.
The aviation sector has thus distinctively classified the tow as the cheap cost airlines always offer the cheap airline costs and the normal airlines their offers for the cheap air travel solely depends on their own discretion and is not a mandatory fact too like the former.
Many criticisms were rather aroused against the minimum cost airlines with regard to the cheap plane charges.
They were blamed of charging extra from the passengers as the airport charges and tax much more extra than the advertised amount etc.
In UK, in particular, in 2007, since the lower cost airlines failed to rectify the issue they had to undergo the legal action by the Office of fair trading (OFT).
Thus a passenger is supposed to be very cautious, while going before the cheap airfare and the discounts thus offered by the different cheap cost airlines as such.
The aviation sector as a whole is rather cheap for traveling when compared to the other sources and hence the reliability is to the maximum.
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