Auto Power Blogs Review - Miracle or Scam ?

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Recently there has been quite a commotion about Auto Power Blogs and whether it is a scam or not. The question is a valid one considering the many ways to make money on the internet and whether or not they are legit. The product is the creation of Tom Bell. Tom Bell is a highly inspirational individual - he is a cocaine addict turned Internet marketing sensation. Tom grew up in a middle-class family and did not enjoy many of the luxuries in life. When he turned 18 he started using drug, in particular cocaine. He eventually went on to quit taking drugs and ultimately working hard to become an online marketing legend. He believes his ability to quit using drugs was a personal miracle in his life.

So what makes Tom Bell's product such a need to have marketing tool? Well as an internet marketer the most important prerequisite to be successful on the internet is traffic. This is what Auto Power Blogs delivers. The program helps create 100 websites with content for each. All content on the sites is unique with 30 articles per site. Once the sites are created the search engines begin to index your sites bringing them to the first page of Google search results.

The question that needs to be answered is why should you buy and use the Auto Power Blogs product? The answer is simple: In order to gain traffic to your site you have to create interest and what better way to create interest than by having 100 sites with 30 articles a piece working 24/7 directing traffic to your site and/or product page. Auto Power Blogs helps to achieve these goals. In what would take you weeks if not months, the product helps to develop and deploy 100 websites with content all geared to promoting your blogs and gaining you attention in a fraction of the time.

In conclusion, if the thought of having 100 websites making on average of $10-$40 / week interests you then Auto Power Blogs may be the way to go. The fact that the sites come with 30 unique articles apiece will only help to jump start the interest in your sites while allowing you time to write continuation content to further increase and grow your traffic. 3000, virtually, instant back links driving traffic to your product sites is pretty impressive and the time you will save allows you to focus on other priorities.
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