With Each Day Be Thankful For Your Marriage

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Lately I've been reading numerous blogs and topics from authors and professionals about people getting to know each other during that "dating" period before marriage.
During that time, they are so thankful to have found each other.
They're in love and looking forward to a wonderful marriage.
But I have come to the belief that most couples really do not know each other by the time the wedding comes around.
Really knowing each other takes a long time of trial and error, giving and forgiving, understanding, caring, devotion, tenderness, and of course love, love, love.
To maintain a happy marriage, there has to be a true understanding between the partners involved.
Although during these past25 years or so, the age group from 24 to 36 decided that they were mature enough to start living together without the marriage part,and that started the huge trend.
Of what you say?Well for starters, it caused the beginning of multiple partners.
When their happy little relationships went sour, there was no strong force to keep them together.
Making up was out of the question because of egos, and of course each side was right and the other side was wrong.
So splitting up and finding another partner was the easiest answer.
Of course, a small percentage of these couples did stay together and finally married.
But even so, many of these couples still headed to the divorce courts.
Why can't couples just get along with each other?This is a huge question that's haunted people for years.
There are so many personalities and backgrounds involved.
Some have problems and hangups from childhood, with memories hidden deep within the brain that may not evolve until adulthood.
Others could have strange ideas or perceptions harbored, until something finally triggers them.
Then there's the jealousy part, and the untruthful part to contend with.
Actually, when we think of how many troubled, weird and strange people there are in the world today, one wonders how the good marriages really did work out.
Marriage counselors, therapists, psychologists and the like are kept extremely busy trying to keep people together.
There are countless ways to help each individual situation.
But couples have to work at it by trying to understand each other, and having compassion for one another and with each day being thankful that they're together in this marriage.
Being thankful is one of the biggest and one of the best ways to have a successful relationship.
If you really think about it, just to be thankful in all things in life will bring you contentment, joy, love, and a true meaning of happiness.
To be thankful for your spouse is one of the greatest honors you could give them.
People find themselves being thankful for too many of the wrong things.
Sure you can be thankful for your job, your kids, your dog, your house, etc.
But do you take time to be thankful for this day you've been given, or for your personality, or for the many friends, or even a special friend.
Being thankful is not restricted just for Thanksgiving Day! Be thankful everyday.
Be thankful your homework is finished, or especially for the dinner you prepared.
Married couples really need to join together in love and in faith.
That faith needs to be so strong that it pulls you both together when difficult times start.
Strong faith and being thankful is the strongest magnet that can save a marriage.
Communicate with each other, smile, laugh discuss things, play, lightly tease in fun, compliment, care, compliment, and most of all love, love, love.
Do things together within this love of yours.
Never ever do anything to make your partner sad.
Do everything to build up each other, everyday, with love and each day be thankful that you have been given this partner in marriage.
Treat your partner with the greatest of respect and always be thankful for your marriage and it will thrive.
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