What Are Vga Cables And Dvi Cables?

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VGA cable: is an analog video signal cable, the most common in the computer, the signal strengths and weaknesses compared with the component cable, but with the increasing amount of video data, such as the future of the video signal to be transmitted 1920X1080P, then component cable redundancy would be greater than 1600X1200 resolution after, VGA cable quality a little time, slightly longer lead snowflakes. Why should mention VGA home theater line on the road? That is because HTPC into the home theater projector comes with all VGA interface.
Graphics are processed information will eventually be output to the monitor, video card output connector is a bridge between your computer and the monitor, which is responsible for the corresponding image to the monitor output signal. VGA connector on the graphics card is an analog signal output interface, VGA (Video Graphics Array) port, also called D-Sub connector. Although the LCD display can directly receive digital signals, many low-end products to match the VGA interface card, thus using a VGA interface. VGA connector is a D-type interface, the above 15-pin space, divided into three rows, each row of five. VGA connector on the video card is the most widely used type of interface, the vast majority of graphics cards with such an interface. Fracture have a male and a female \ two male \ two female \ classes Main product: DVI Cableis with good quality.
VGA, A refers to the "array (array)" instead of "Converters (adapter)", because it was designed from the outset as a single integrated chip, used to replace the Motorola 6845 and dozens of discrete logic chip combination of ISA master, this design is prior to MDA, CGA and EGA are used. This feature allows the VGA cloned into it easily among PC motherboard, you only need the extra video memory, oscillator and a RAMDAC, will have the display. IBM's PS / 2 PC series is the use of the VGA placed on the motherboard design.
DVI Cable: Digital Visual Interface, the latest digital video cable to transmit uncompressed all-digital signal technology, the maximum transmission speed is 8Gbps, currently already supported by most manufacturers of digital video signal cable, interface transfer rate of up to 8Gbps, its interface has 24 +1 (DVI-D), 24 +5 (DVI-I) type, DVI-I supports simultaneous transmission of digital (DVI-D) and analog (VGA signal), in general HTPC graphics card is generally DVI-I interface, and LCD monitors, projectors is DVI-D interface. DVI-I interface although compatible DVI-D interface, but DVI-I plug was not inserted DVI-D interface, why? much four needles . But we still have a way of using a DVI-I to DVI-D converter.
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