Shower Head Water Filters Limit Chlorine Exposure

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So, you're here reading about shower head water filters being able to get rid of chlorine.
And you're wondering, "What's wrong with having a little chlorine in your shower water? A little chlorine never hurt anybody, right?" Well, a little chlorine won't.
But a lot of chlorine will.
And a lot of public tap water contains such high levels of chlorine that you can smell it.
If you can smell it, you need shower head water filters immediately.
Chlorine is the reason why you have to take a shower right after swimming in a pool.
Chlorine is great for killing off algae or mosquito eggs in pool water, but it's not meant to stay on your skin for too long.
Have you ever left that water in your hair and on your skin for a couple of hours? You really regretted it, didn't you? Your hair became stiff as a board and your skin stunk and itched.
And if you've never left swimming pool water in your hair and on your skin for a couple of hours, I don't recommend it.
Does Water Have Too Much Chlorine? You could get your water tested through water kits sold the aquarium section of your local pet store.
You could even send your tap water to a lab, but that's kind of expensive.
But there are other ways to tell if your water has too much chlorine in it that doesn't require tiny test tubes.
Just take a shower and see (and smell) what happens.
Can you get a good lather with your soap and your shampoo? If you can't, that's a good sign that there's too much chlorine in your bathing water.
This is a sign that you need a shower head water filter.
All of this chlorine isn't good for your hair or your skin.
It can dry out both and make your skin itchy, red and even give you rashes.
The hair can become brittle and loose its luster.
You can also get a lot of dandruff.
People who have skin and hair irritated by too much chlorine in their water often find great relief from the use of shower head water filters.
Evaporated Chlorine Having a shower makes exposure to chlorine in your tap water a lot more intense than by just turning on your kitchen tap.
About 50% of your daily exposure to chlorine is in taking a shower (if you don't use shower head water filters).
This is why it's important to get shower head water filters if you know your water has too much chlorine in it.
Not only does your body pick up the chlorine through skin absorption, but you also breathe in the chlorinated steam.
Guess what's in that steam? Chloroform, which is used as an anesthetic.
Although a little chloroform is great if you are getting surgery, you really don't want to sniff it every time you take a shower.
When you use shower head water filters, not only are you greatly reducing your exposure to chlorine, but to chloroform gas, too.
Even If You Can't Smell It Perhaps you think that just because you can't smell chlorine in your shower, you may not need shower head water filters.
Well, chlorine is not that smelly of a chemical.
It takes a lot of it in order to register in your nose.
The best way to get healthy and comfortable showers again is with the use of shower head water filters.
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