How to Upgrade a Dell Dimension 2350 Computer

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    • 1). Click "Start." Right-click "My Computer." Click "Properties" to open "System Properties." Click the "General" tab to see how much memory is installed to the computer. The Dell Dimension 2350 can only process 1 GB of memory maximum, so if you have equal to that amount of memory installed to your computer, you can't upgrade further.

    • 2). Click "Start." Click "Computer." Right-click the "C:" drive. Click "Properties," then look at "Capacity," to see how much storage space is available on the disk overall.

    • 3). Purchase an IDE hard drive with a greater storage capacity, and one or more memory modules. The Dell Dimension 2350 can use 128 MB, 256 MB or 512 MB modules. If you have 128 MB of memory installed to the computer, for example, you can install another module of equal or greater capacity to the other slot to increase the memory capacity to 256 MB, 384 MB or 640 MB.

    • 4). Turn off the computer. Disconnect the power cable from the rear of the computer. Turn off and disconnect any devices connected to the Dell Dimension 2350.

    • 5). Press the power button to drain the motherboard of electrical charge. Loosen and remove the thumbscrew found on the back panel.

    • 6). Depress the cover latch located below the thumbscrew. Hold onto the indent located in the middle of the case cover and slide the cover off the case.

    • 7). Touch the back of the computer case to protect the computer from electrostatic damage.

    • 8). Find the hard drive, which is installed in a vertical position at the front of the case. Loosen and remove the bracket screw. Take out the drive bracket.

    • 9). Loosen and remove the screw securing the hard drive to the bracket. Take the bracket off the hard drive.

    • 10

      Disconnect the cables that are attached to the back of the drive. Remove the new hard drive from its packaging. Follow the removal directions in reverse to upgrade the computer with a new hard drive.

    • 11

      Set the case on its side. Find the memory slots or memory modules, which are located parallel to the hard drive connector and perpendicular to the expansion slots.

    • 12

      Push down the tabs positioned on either side of the slot. Line up the gold prongs on the edge of the memory module with the cutouts on the slot.

    • 13

      Hold the memory by its edges and push it straight down into the slot, until the tabs clip into the notches on the side of the card.

    • 14

      Reassemble the computer. Press the power button and insert the Windows XP CD into the disc drive to install XP to the hard drive, if you didn't clone the contents of the old drive to the new hard disk.

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