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Updated January 01, 2014.

Zap! Are you deaf and do you like to dabble in magic? Would you like to get together with other deaf people also practicing magic tricks? Join the U.S. Deaf Magicians Society, a chapter of the Society of World Deaf Magicians. The World Deaf Magicians Society is truly international, with members from the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

The World Deaf Magicians Society/U.S. Deaf Magicians Society offers:

  • Two conferences, the World Deaf Magicians Festival and the U.S. Deaf Magicians Festival. Conferences have been held in diverse locations, such as Germany, Russia, England, and New York.
  • An online newsletter.

According to the history on the Society's web site, a deaf mime founded the Society in 1986, with a festival, but it did not come to be officially known as the Society of World Deaf Magicians until 1992. In the United States, the U.S. chapter is the U.S. Deaf Magicians Society. The Society, with hundreds of members, is open to both professional and non-professional deaf magicians.

Some of the world's top deaf magicians have their own web sites:
  • Matthew Morgan - Morgan has held high ranking positions in the Society, and as "Magic" Morgan he has used humor and mime in his award-winning performances internationally. He offers his entertainment services for hire. His site includes reviews, a photo gallery, and a list of venues that he has performed in, such as cruise ships. Plus, he has an e-mail list for notification of performances.

    In its March-April 1997 issue, the Jewish Deaf Community Center newsletter profiled the Society's Simon J. Carmel.
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