How to Perform Ninja Magic

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    • 1). Place your hands together, and interlock your fingers. Extend your index fingers out. Your hands should resemble a shooting gun. This is Rin, which strengthens the mind, body and soul of a ninja.

    • 2). Cross the first two fingers on each hand. Then interlock your hands together, with your thumbs touching the bottom of the crossed fingers. This is Hei (or Pyo), which utilizes psychic energies to make a ninja appear invisible to others.

    • 3). Cross your fingers. Touch each index finger to the ring finger of the opposite hand. While keeping this connection, press the tips of the ring fingers together. Finally, press the pinky fingers together, but keep them separate from the rest of the fingers, to create the illusion of a mouth. This is Toh, which gives a ninja fluidity and promotes harmony with the universe.

    • 4). Cross your fingers. Clasp your hands together, then bring your ring fingers to the opposite hand to touch the index fingers. While keeping this connection, straighten your index finger, pinky and thumb to make a Y or what might be seen as *I love you* in ASL (American Sign Language.) This is Sha, a healing power that can be used both internally and externally.

    • 5). Clasp your hands together, interlocking fingers and thumbs side by side at the front. This is Kai, which enables a ninja to control his body, so he can feign death or endure great extremes of temperature.

    • 6). Repeat the hand position for Kai, but this time, interlock your fingers so they are on the inside of the closed fist. This is Jin, which allows a ninja to see into the thoughts of others, sensing their true intentions.

    • 7). Place your left hand in a fist with the index finger pointing upward. Grasp the index finger with your right hand, with your right thumb pressing against the fingernail. This is Retsu, which empowers a ninja to defeat an opponent using only her words, or the slightest touch.

    • 8). Spread your fingers out, as if you were going to mime that an invisible wall was in front of you. While keeping your fingers at full extension, make the outline of a small equilateral triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. This is Zai, which allows a ninja to transfer the harmony gained by using Toh to others.

    • 9). Make your left hand into a fist, and "feed" it to your right hand by placing it inside an open "C" shape. This is Zen, the source of all enlightenment and comprehension.

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