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For small businesses brochures can be a very effective part of a marketing strategy.
They are a great way to get information to customers.
Still, they will only be effective if they are designed correctly.
In this article we will discuss some great brochure design strategies.
First it is essential that you grab the reader's attention quickly.
Use a catchy headline (think of newspapers).
These will lure your readers in and make them want to read the whole brochure.
You also need to think about the hierarchy, or order of the information.
Which are the most important points you want to get across? Which are the least important? If you have a graphic designer design your brochure he will need this information to design the panels.
If you use a lot of text in your brochure try not to use color.
This will just serve to distract your readers and can even make the brochure nearly unreadable.
Having too much color discrepancy can also make the design too cluttered.
Next you should consider what fold you will be using for your brochure.
There are lots of different folds you can use.
Anything from bi-folds (great for simple brochures) to gatefolds (suitable for more formal designs) can be used.
If you are having your brochure designed and printed you will also have to think about your budget.
Designers will need to know how much money you have too spend, as this will effect their decisions.
Talking to a printer can help you figure out how much everything will cost.
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