Natural Pigment Becomes The Main Export In Plan Extract

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Although the abuse of food additives has been widely criticized by the international community, in fact, the world's food industry has been inseparable from food additives. Before food additives had cause concern in China, the United States and Europe have been generally concerned about regular consumption of foods containing synthetic colors or drink can induce allergic diseases such as cancer. Now more natural coloring pigment is used to replace the chemical synthesis .According to the export trend in recent years, Spain, Mexico and other emerging markets, demand for natural pigment, natural pigment of the EU market demand for more is an annual 35% increase rapidly.
Refers to the natural pigment from the pigment of plant extracts or animals. In all kinds of food additives, food additives, natural pigment only world market share of less than 0.5%. Foreign manufacturers have developed hundreds of varieties of natural pigments about, but really being widely used also only twelve ten. Foreign food industry is mainly used natural pigments: caramel, curcumin, capsicum red pigment, annatto pigment fruit, -carotene, red cabbage juice, beet red, Putao Zi, magenta, titanium dioxide, copper chlorophyll, small such as algae and spirulina ball. Chlorella and Spirulina In particular, not only rich in chlorophyll, and also with other health materials, natural pigments are nutritional products. Other popular products include natural pigment saffron, red yeast rice, cocoa shell, black beans, pigments, etc., but the amount is small.
Currently China's export of natural pigment is about 18 species, the annual export amount of natural pigment of about 4 million to 5 million U.S. dollars, the main export beet red, red yeast rice, red pepper, red sorghum, lutein, radish red, brown, cocoa shells, insects plastic red, curcumin, and other varieties of safflower yellow pigment.
In recent years, China's exports of natural pigments were rapidly on the rise. In addition to the large varieties, including gardenia yellow, sea buckthorn yellow, purple basil, Grape seed, Amaranth, acorn shell brown, black pigment and other small breeds are also popular in Europe natural pigments irinotecan on the national market. Not only because of these natural pigment color is good, but all have health functions, such as black beans and other pigments can prevent vision loss, and the darker color of the pigment anthocyanin containing mostly with trap free radicals, anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and other a variety of health effects, therefore, black pigment, Grape seed and other varieties of natural Purple black pigment is especially sought-after in the international market. In the next few years, a variety of natural pigment products selling momentum will continue, China's exports to extract the important categories.
Red chili pepper is a large international market, sales of natural red pigments. In recent years the use of red pepper instead of a carcinogenic chemical synthesis of red pigment has become a kind of Western food and beverage industry trend. China in the past 10 years to develop the red pepper plant, has been formed more red pepper cultivation base. Among them, Quzhou County, Hebei Province has become the largest production base of the red pepper and export base. China's current annual export Capsanthin estimated at 1,500 tons. Accounting for the international market trading volume of red pepper half.
Curcumin has become the most popular one in the international market, the natural pigment products. Curcumin is the main pigment of curry powder, it has a pleasing bright yellow. In recent years, foreign medical researchers said curcumin has anti-aging, cancer, and inhibition of free radicals and other health functions. As India's tropical climate is suitable for growing turmeric, curry, eat food with the Indians in general, therefore, India became the world's largest producer and exporter of turmeric. India's annual export of about 4500 tons of curcumin, curcumin in Chinese exports about 1,000 tons, India and China together accounted for the international export volume curcumin curcumin 90% of market volume. Republic of Brazil in South America in recent years has begun to develop turmeric cultivation industry resveratrol. The industry believes that Brazil will continue after India and China become the world's third largest exporter of curcumin.
Sugar beet is a virgin raw materials, mainly grown in cold regions, China's two sugar beet cultivation base located in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang regions. Beet sugar in the pressed beet pulp remaining after extraction of the sugar beet can be red. The natural pigment present in international markets one of the most popular food coloring. Driven by demand, China's major sugar beet growing in recent years are in the province to develop sugar beet growing and beet red pigment extraction industry. China is now the annual output has exceeded betalain one hundred tons mark, becoming the world's major betalain producing and exporting countries. Japan, the United States is China's main export markets beet red.
Lycopene is also a good sales potential over the past decade the international market of natural pigment products. Research confirmed that lycopene is an excellent antioxidant, and have anti-prostate cancer and cardiovascular health effects. Synthetic lycopene products are a natural source of lycopene and lycopene two categories, the sales price of natural lycopene than synthetic lycopene at least twice as expensive or more. In 2010, global production of lycopene has reached 8,000 tons, mostly synthetic materials, natural lycopene accounted for only 20%. Xinjiang is China's largest production base and natural tomato lycopene export base.
Red Yeast is a natural red pigment invented by the ancient Chinese working people which is most widely used in China. In recent years, with the red yeast is popular in the international food additives market, the ancient Chinese red yeast has become an important export product in the natural pigment. The main export markets are Japan, Europe and the United States.
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