Drug-Related Crimes

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Drugs are widespread in the United States, even though people never see them in the open.
Many people in all four corners, of all ages and backgrounds, come into contact with drugs in some way or another, usually through drug use.
To curb the amount of drugs in society, however, the United States Congress as well state legislatures have enacted laws making a whole host of drug-related activities into crimes.
One of most obvious acts related to drugs that has been made a crime is drug use.
Using any sort drug other than tobacco, alcohol, or prescription drugs is illegal.
People cannot smoke marijuana or consume it any form.
Ecstasy is completely illegal as well.
Aside from these drugs, though, even others, like LSD, are illegal.
These drugs that people usually associate with crime, however, are not the only drugs that are illegal.
Even taking prescription drugs without having a prescription is against the law.
The criminal penalties of drug use vary from state to state.
Some states have very strict drug laws, while other states have more lenient drug laws.
To limit the amount of drugs and drug-related expenditures in society, however, laws have also been passed making drug possession illegal.
Even having--not using--an illegal drug is against the law.
Anyone caught with even a little amount of, say, marijuana may have to face a harsh criminal sentence entailing a lengthy prison term of several years as well as fines.
Some states, though, are more lenient.
For example, if someone is caught with less than one ounce of marijuana in the state of Massachusetts, then the person will face only civil charges, not criminal charges, and will have to pay a small fine.
Another type of drug-related crime is drug trafficking.
Drug trafficking involves selling drugs or transporting drugs with the intent of selling them.
Drug trafficking is both a state crime and a federal crime, though it depends on the exact situation.
For example, if someone is caught selling or trying to sell drugs within a state locality only, then drug trafficking is only a state crime.
If someone is trying to sell drugs between states, however, for example by moving them from one state to another in a car, then the drug trafficking becomes a federal crime.
For the most part, the laws are extremely intolerant of drug use, possession, and trafficking, and anyone conducting any of these drug-related activities can be sure that severe criminal penalties will ensue.
Additionally, these laws apply also to prescription drugs that are not obtain through prescription.
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