How to Format XPS M1330

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    • 1). Insert the "Operating System" CD into the disc drive. Restart the Dell XPS M1330, then press "F12" when the boot screen appears.

    • 2). Use the arrow pad to select the option "CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive" from the boot menu, then press "Enter" to boot to the CD.

    • 3). Press "Enter" again when the message "Press Any Key to Boot from CD" appears onscreen. Select the language, regional and keyboard preferences from the drop-down menus, then click "Next."

    • 4). Click "Repair Your Computer," then click "Load Drivers." Select the operating system, then click "Next." Select "Command Prompt" from "System Recovery Options."

    • 5). Input "vol c:" into the Command Prompt. The message "Volume in Drive C is <X>," with "<X>" representing the volume label, will appear. Write down the volume label.

    • 6). Input "format c: /fs:NTFS /p:1" into the command-line prompt, then press "Enter." Input the volume label if prompted, then press "Enter."

    • 7). Press "Y" when the message "Proceed with Format (Y/N)?" appears. Command Prompt will format the XPS M1330. This process can take several hours.

    • 8). Press "Enter" when prompted to input a volume label. Type "exit" into Command Prompt, and press "Enter." Click "Shut Down" to turn off the computer.

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