How Do You Recover Deleted Computer Files

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It may be a surprise to some but when you delete a file on your computer it isn't really gone forever right away. It stays on the hard drive and can still be recovered later by some type of program. When a file is delete all that really happens is the computer tells the hard drive that place on the hard drive where the file was is now able to save data on it again there by giving you more free space. So in other words the spot is now free again, but the file is still there until another file is saved over it by the computer.
OK so you say "That's great and all but how do I recover the files." That can be the easy or tricky part. In this speed is key I'm afraid. A windows hard drive can write over any part of the hard drives it thinks is the best place for that file to go. Temporary files(files used for Internet or other as you go programs) can even be saved to where the file shortly after or even up to days after. The other thing you will need it most cases is a program that can scan a hard driver for lost or deleted files. There are a few of these out there and what they do is scan the hard drive for a file that has been recently deleted and is still in tacked that could be recovered. After they scan the hard driver, and the file is still there and hasn't been saved over they will allow you to pull the file from the grave so to speak. Then it will be as if the file was never gone to start with.
They key points is that you will need to act fast and hope the file hasn't been saved over and make sure you have a good Recovery program to use to be able to bring the file back. Remember that files are never really deleted until they are rewritten over. That means as long as you act fast there may be hope for your files.It can be very stress full especially if you weren't the one that deleted the file, say another user on the computer deleted it, but there is hope that your file can be saved and I wish the best of luck to you.
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