Indian Musical Scenario: Witnessing Another Renaissance

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Change is the only constant seems to be the evergreen mantra as far as Bollywood is concerned. Thus, turning over the new leaf, lyrists are premeditatedly crafting cheesy songs and composers are composing whacky tunes and hence, needless to say that the lethal combination is only taking music aficionados by storm. India is molten pot of different cultures and nonetheless the very fact reflects at large on the Indian music that engrosses the essence and assorted flavours of different regions. Taking this fact into the consideration it would be apparently not an overrated statement that Indian music has been catching the fancy of the music adherents across the globe as Indian music envelopes different flavours and dispositions that needless to say is casting the magical spell on everyone, from folk music to classical music and pop music to peppy Bollywood music.

With so much variety on the platter; music lovers couldn't ask for more. Of late, we have witnessed that how music stalwarts in India have collaborated with the western music czars and no prizes for guessing that confluence of western and eastern music has been taking the whole world by storm. Conversely, in India remix music has become the order of the day and music maestros are remixing popular numbers from yesteryear movies to capitalize their popularities plus to garner big profits. Music junkies can buy images of the legendry songs that enthralled them in and out over the years. Although, this ongoing trend has sparked massive row in the music industry and many in fact feel that remix business in long run is devastating and hence, poses serious threats for the wholesome growth of the music industry. On the other hand others in the industry ardently feel that change is the only constant and instead of being awfully critical of the current ubiquitous trends one should be considerate about the fact that Indian music industry is a large ocean and diversity is one of the key elements of the Indian music that separates it from rest. Music aficionados can buy news articles to know that how music industry has evolved with the time and in spite of amalgamating the best from the western musical world; the music has astoundingly retained its own unique flavors.

Item songs in Bollywood movies have become the flavor of all seasons. Even surprisingly on innumerous occasions the promotional songs are exclusively shot to create hype around the movies and actually are not the part of the movies. The trend is fast catching up in the Bollywood. But, concurrently Bollywood is also promoting classical music by roping classical maestros as well that apparently reflects the fact that €Variety is the spice of the life€. Music freaks can buy content that will apparently provide them the wholesome information about different phases that the industry has witnessed since its inception
Last year €Ra One€ produced by Shah Rukh Khan also made headlines as noted Rapper €Akon€ for the first time ever lent his voice for €Chammak Challo€ that remained for weeks on the top of the musical chartbuster. To top that the initial animation and the fanfare showed by the movie freaks towards this movie was largely due to its frolicsome background score. The aforesaid examples unequivocally resonates the fact that music over the years has evolved and consequently has become one of the obvious characters contributing in the success of the movies at large. The whacky and cheesy lyrics also of late are capturing the imaginations of the music aficionados. Music freaks can browse websites specifically dedicated on the Bollywood music to know that what is ruling the roost and moreover the glorious journey of Bollywood music to date.
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