Teen Drug Test - Which One to Use?

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Of all the many ways and tests available to test for drugs, there are three which can and will work well in the home.
These ways listed are easy and require little experience to administer, and offer different ways from direct to subtle.
Urine Testing for Drugs: This is the most common method in the home and also with employers and law enforcement officials.
A urine test can detect drug use for up to three days after use accurately with most tests which are available, check the directions.
You can use the option to test for only a specific drug or you can test and detect all of the major drugs at one time.
The only draw back of urine testing is the ease of cheating if they suspect you will test them.
Random testing is the most efficient way to catch drug use.
Although urine testing is at times somewhat uncomfortable for families, it is usually the most inexpensive method of testing.
Saliva Testing for Drugs: This is probably the easiest for most cases, as you just pop the test device (spoon usually) into the mouth for the specified time, then pop it into the testing device and have the results in minutes.
The saliva test is probably the most easy to use and is also non-invasive.
The draw back is smoking and chewing gum often compromises the test results.
Saliva testing usually only tests for about 48 hours, so you have to use it in cases just after expected use.
Hair Testing for Drugs: This is probably the most accurate of the three, but is the most difficult to use.
However it is the only one which can not be cheated on.
It will also test for 90 days, if you wanted to set up a schedule this might be the best choice.
The drawback is that samples must be sent to a lab for the test, and it is more expensive.
Hair testing can be the less invasive of all, as you can take a hair sample without your teen knowing and send it off.
The hair testing shows more results, like the amount of drugs and if the donor is a low, medium or high volume user.
The one drawback to hair testing is that it does not catch the last few days of use.
One of the main benefits of testing your teen, is that by making a test available they have a reason to say no when the peer pressure comes at them.
If they know you care and are looking out for them they are less apt to use drugs.
If you choose to be subtle or direct, either way it may save your teens life and reputation in the future.
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