Scalp Folliculitis - Itching That Never Stops - How to Deal With It

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Scalp Folliculitis: Do you suffer from it? What does it mean to have scalp Folliculitis? Does the name "Scalp Folliculitis" sound troubling to you? Are you freaked out by it? Well, don't be.
Scalp Folliculitis is just one of the many fancy names created to describe intense scalp problems.
What is Scalp Folliculitis? Scalp Folliculitis is the inflammation of one or more hair follicles.
It can be very itchy and can occur anywhere on the skin, and yes, the scalp is also part of the skin.
But how exactly do I know this information about Scalp Folliculitis? You see, I use to suffer from severe scalp problems myself, problems that were diagnosed to be a variety of conditions.
The names that my scalp problems were called were numerous to the point where I just felt hopeless.
Some doctors thought my issue was Scalp Folliculitis, others thought it was Dryness, and a dermatologist thought it could be Psoriasis.
Some said it was brought about by stress.
The possibilities were endless.
Needless to say, for my "Scalp Folliculitis" problem, I was prescribed several medications, some oral, others were ointments.
When I initially received these prescriptions I was elated.
I actually believed they would cure me because hey, it's a doctor that prescribed them to me.
The doctors know best, at least that's what I thought.
Well, I'm here to tell you, in the case of folliculitis scalp problems, they DON'T.
I'm not here to scare you.
I'm here to let you know what awaits you as far as the Folliculitis on your scalp is concerned.
No, most Doctor's will not have the answers you need.
And if you choose to disbelieve me, you can go to a doctor yourself.
And I guarantee you a year from now, you will still be suffering from your Scalp Folliculitis problem.
Since doctors couldn't cure the Folliculitis on my scalp, I had to be creative and that cost me a lot of money as I was experimenting with a number of medicines.
Thankfully, and luckily, my creativity paid off.
Through pure desperation, and an unrelenting perseverance I discovered the unique combination of medicines one needs to use to successfully combat Folliculitis problems of the scalp.
What are these medicines? See below: An Antibiotic Ointment - Must be prescribed Certain B-Lactam Antibiotics - Must be prescribed Medicated Scalp Lotion - Must be prescribed These three items MUST be used in a combined fashion.
The oral antibiotics will deal with the Scalp Folliculitis problem internally, while the external ointments will attack and eradicate the ugly disorder/infection/disease on the surface.
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