How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard: Surefire Humane Methods

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If you notice that the picturesque setting of your lawn is getting ruined with moles' trails of dirt and grass, you need to take this issue seriously and start your fight with the rodent.
Although a few moles are good for your garden, as they enrich the soil with oxygen and usually don't tend to stay in one place for long, excessive rodents can cause irrigation problems as well as damage plant roots.
There exist many ways to get rid of moles, namely natural and chemical.
While the former imply applying homemade mixtures, flooding and traps, the latter involve using ready chemical solutions.
Natural ways are undoubtedly great for environment, yet they can be very cruel to moles.
To many homeowners' surprise, there also exist pretty simple ways to get rid of moles humanely.
So, let's share some of them.
Milky Spore Method In order to get rid of moles you need to get rid of grubs first: where there are rodents, there are almost always different bug grubs in the soil.
Moles feed on them, and thus to eliminate moles for good you need to resolve the bugs infestation.
You will find many proven natural ways to do this, yet the most natural and proven is undeniably Milky Spore method.
Using Milky Spore bacteria is the most popular solution among the lawn owners, as it is exceptionally effective and economical: the spores stay in ground for a minimum of 10 years.
Milky Spore comes in granules and in a powder form.
In order to apply it effectively follow the directions given on the packaging.
Safe Mole Traps Setting mole traps is a great method if you are sure that the amount of rodents in your lawn is small.
Otherwise, in case of very excessive infestation it will take you weeks to catch and then release every single animal.
If you decide to use the trap method, you have two options: you may construct makeshift traps yourself (use old cans or cylinder boxes, etc.
) or you may go to a specialized shop to buy the ready ones.
When selecting a trap look for a safe, non-killing versions.
Set up the traps around your garden according to the manufacturer's instructions.
In case of makeshift devices, browse for the best options online: there is a plethora of websites devoted to moles elimination.
When releasing the little invaders into the nature use thick gloves and be extremely careful: moles are afraid of people and can bite you or act very unpredictable when trapped.
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