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NREP Environmental Education Center serves as a training organization, an academic and research institute and as a center for recognition of exemplary work in the field of environment and related disciplines.

NREP Environmental Education Center acts as one single environmental hub to assimilate and disseminate knowledge and date regarding the latest developments and advancements in the field of environmental industry.

NREP plays a vital role in certifying and shaping the skills of the professionals working and wanting to work in the environmental industry. Through its registration and certification programs, NREP provides much needed recognition and training to professionals in the environmental industry.

The very complex nature of work involved in the environmental industry and the importance of the environment in-relation to the present and the future of our earth makes it very necessary for a responsible, quality driven and recognized agency to work as a information terminal in all matters relating to the environment industry.

NREP fulfills all the requirements of such an agency. NREP is recognized by US Forest Service, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency and many by a number of other agencies.

NREP also acts as an official credentialing organization for National Association of Risk Auditors, Society of Texas Environmental Professionals, International Academy of Toxicological Assessment, Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board - NEMRT.

A dedicated page on our website caters to all the latest developments and the latest breakthroughs in the environmental domain. Online news, Forefront and the News Publication Journal of Science and Sustainability are the said information arms of NREP.

Some of the certifications provided by NREP for environmental professionals to augment their skills and to avail of better opportunities in the job market are listed below.

Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO)

REM Certification -- Registered Environmental Manager

AEP -- Associate Environmental Professional

CEA -- Certified Environmental Auditor

REPA -- Registered Environmental Property Assessor

CESM -- Certified Environmental Systems Manager

CIAQM -- Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

CES -- Certified Environmental Scientist

CIET -- Certified Industrial Environmental Toxicologist

RHCMM -- Registered Hazardous and Chemical Materials Manager

RELT -- Registered Environmental Laboratory Technologist

In an attempt to further amplify our adherence to quality in all professional activities related to the environmental industry, NREP has devised a Code of Professional Practice and a Code of Ethics to serve the environment in the best and most reliable way. The Code of Professional Practice and the Code of Ethics is reiteration and reinforcement of our resolve to work for the cause of the environment with an unwavering dedication to quality and professionalism.
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