How to Travel on the Cheap: Travel Insurance Tips

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Despite the recent state of the economy, travel still represents a booming industry in the US. In fact, the US Travel Association encourages Americans to travel frequently within the US for both business and pleasure as a stimulant to the economy on both state and national levels.

When planning your next vacation, one thing's for sure: travel ain't cheap. Fortunately, when you plan strategically, you can take advantage of helpful travel discounts that may save you hundreds of dollars on your next getaway.

Time Your Booking

If you want to find the cheapest airfare possible, you may have to stay up later than usual. AARP travel expert Peter Greenberg recommends purchasing flights online at 12:01 AM on Wednesday morning in the time zone where an airline is based.

This works to your advantage since you will benefit from travelers that booked their plane tickets between Friday and Monday yet didn't pay in full within 24 hours. By the time that midnight on Tuesday rolls around, unpurchased tickets will appear in an airline database at a discounted rate that savvy travelers can take advantage of.

In addition, make sure to fly during off-peak seasons and times by traveling midday from Tuesday through Thursday, instead of Monday or Friday. This will allow you to save money on your total airfare cost and could also provide you with extra room in an under booked flight.

Choose the Right Travel Insurance

Not only is taking out travel insurance a smart idea for your personal safety, but it will also provide protection for your valuables and belongings en route. On top of that, having a travel insurance policy in place could save you serious money in medical costs when traveling overseas if you happen to be injured or fall ill on vacation.

When buying a travel insurance policy, make sure to consult with your Austin insurance agent about the right coverage for your trip. If you're planning to take only one international vacation within the year, single coverage is less expensive; if you and your family travel multiple times throughout the year, annual coverage will provide better value for your investment.

Research Special Deals Before Booking

There's nothing worse than taking advantage of an incredible offer, only to find out that it really is too good to be true. Although a number of amazing travel deals are advertised online and off-line, make sure to read the fine print in advance before putting all of your eggs in one basket for a cruise getaway or resort vacation.

Many times, you may be able to book a cheap deal at a Caribbean resort. But before signing up for the vacation package, check how much it will cost to fly to the destination. In some cases, airfare alone could cost thousands of dollars per person, making the "deal of a lifetime" hardly worth the money.

Before making a final booking, research a hotel or resort through customer reviews online. In a worst-case scenario, a resort may offer a special discounted package in the hopes of gaining new business for a facility sorely in need of renovation.
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